Logbook Entry for Dive # 177

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Logbook Entry for Dive # 177
Date: Entry Time: Dive Time: Max. Depth:
Wed, 18-Apr-2012 15:38:00 51 minutes 23.8 metres
Dive Location: City / Island:
Grillo Bay Bartolome Island
Country: Dive Master:
Ecuador -
Dive Shop: Dive Trip:
- Liveaboard Humboldt Explorer
Saskia van Mil
Dive Details:
Entry: Boat Name:  
Boat -  
Start PG: Entry Time: Exit Time: End PG:
- 15:38:00 16:29:00 -
Altitude: Rep. Dive: Surface Interval:  
0m - 300m Yes 05:46  
Max. Depth:     Avg. Depth:
23.8 metres     16.09 m
  Dive Time: Deco. Dive:
  51 minutes No
Weather: Air Temp.: Water Temp.:  
Clear 33 °C 24,00  
Water: Waves: Current:  
Salt Kleine golven -  
Visibility: Horizontal Vis.: Vertical Vis.:
Average Average - -  
Weight: Dive Suit: Dive Computer:
6 1-Piece Wetsuit Suunto Mosquito
Equipment used on this dive:
5MM VELOCITY VEST (MEN'S) | ATX40 | ATX50 | First Stage - DS4 | Flexi II met hid50 | Limited Edition Morphos Metal Tech BCD
Cylinder Set #1
Cylinder Type: Cylinder Size: Working Pressure: Supply Type:
Alumimium Single Cylinder 12,00 0,00 -
O2: He: Min. PPO2: Max. PPO2:
21% - - 1.4 bar
Air Air MOD: EAD: END:
56.6 m 56.6 m -
Start Pressure: End Pressure: Diff. Pressure:  
200,00 50,00 150,00  
Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
- -    

Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
16.09 m 13.53 litres/min    
Gas Mixture:
Air (O2=21%)
Nice dive, the viz was not that good. Faced a couple of termoclines. In the begin of the we got some currents. At the end of the dive grapped a rocked and watched the sharks.

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