Dive Site - The North Horn

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Dive Site - The North Horn
Dive Location: City / Island:
The North Horn Osprey Reef
Country: Rating: Max. Depth: Difficulty:
- - 50 m -
Aquatic Name: Water: Altitude:  
- - -  
Latitude: Longitude:   Datum:
13° 57.1667′ S 146° 44.4167′ E Google Map WGS84
2 dives at this location:
51 | 52
# North Horn site is best known for its resident population of White tip reef sharks
# North Horn has been used as a shark feeding site for 15 years
# The silvertip and grey reef shark, potato cod, morays and many smaller species are familiar with humans
# Undersea explorer now study the sharks, they are identified and monitored periodically
# The two moorings allow the boat to drop in the safest spot at almost 1000m
# Natural underwater amphitheatre allows divers to sit 20m deep to watch the shark feed
# View whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, silvertips, dogthooth tuna, giant potato cod and seasonal schooling scalloped hammerheads
# Big soft coral trees deep on Western wall
# Fantastic pelagic action, including three-spot dart, dogthooth tuna, rainbow runners and mackerel
# See pelagic octopus, pleurobranch, nautilus, crabs, shrimps and sleeping fish
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