Dive Site - Caracasbaai

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Dive Site - Caracasbaai
Dive Location: City / Island:
Caracasbaai -
Country: Rating: Max. Depth: Difficulty:
Curacao - - -
Aquatic Name: Water: Altitude:  
- - -  
Latitude: Longitude:   Datum:
- -   WGS84
1 dive at this location:
This site (Stone Hat) is named for a rock outcropping on the coast that (with a bit of imagination) looks like a large hat. The outcropping was used to mark the location of the
site by divers, though a mooring buoy now also marks the spot. The site is suitable for all levels of divers and offers some nice snorkeling along the shallow terrace when the
weather is calm. It's accessible from shore or boat, though from shore it"s a lengthy (10 minute) swim, and you should check the current before heading out.

To reach this site from shore head to Jan Thiel Bay where you???ll pay a small parking fee. There is a restaurant, bathrooms, showers, beach chairs, shade, Cat Sailing sail school,
and a full service dive shop on site. Enter at the sandy beach and swim out along the breakwater through the bay. It???s worth a few minutes to check out the sailboat wreck,
sunk in 2003, marked by a small buoy about 200 feet from shore. Lying on a sandy bottom in 30 feet of water with its deck at 15 feet, this wreck can be enjoyed by snorkelers
as well. Head left for about 10 minutes until you see the mooring buoy and the hat shaped rock on shore. The shallows here are good for snorkelers and make a nice spot to
spend your safety stop at the end of your dive. The wall starts at a depth of 25 feet and falls below 130 feet. It???s populated by Star Coral, Brain Coral, Sponges, and a variety of
Gorgonians. Check the little caverns and cracks for Lobster, Spotted Morays, Green Morays, and Drumfish.
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