Dive Site - Fessej Rock

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Dive Site - Fessej Rock
Dive Location: City / Island:
Fessej Rock Gozo
Country: Rating: Max. Depth: Difficulty:
Malta - - -
Aquatic Name: Water: Altitude:  
- - -  
Latitude: Longitude:   Datum:
- -   WGS84
1 dive at this location:
Ook wel The Middle Finger genoemd. Rising about 15m above the water, Fessej Rock plunges vertically to the seabed 50 m below amidst a tumble of huge boulders. Anchorage is by placing a chain around a small
rocky outcrop close to the water's edge. Although this is always undertaken as a deep dive, because of the vertical formation of the rock, divers of all levels and even
snorkellers are able to enjoy the delights of a vertical wall dive amidst large schools of fish. Essentially the dive is around the rock, descending and ascending in spiral to bring
you back to the boat's mooring. There are large tube worms (Sabella spallanzani) and squat lobsters (Munida rugosa), and divers are followed by groups of dentex (Dentex
dentex) and amberjacks (Seriola dumerili). Barracuda, tuna and grouper as well as octopus and other lobster can also be found on this dive.
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