Dive Site - Hondoq Bay

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Dive Site - Hondoq Bay
Dive Location: City / Island:
Hondoq Bay Gozo
Country: Rating: Max. Depth: Difficulty:
Malta - - -
Aquatic Name: Water: Altitude:  
- - -  
Latitude: Longitude:   Datum:
- -   WGS84
1 dive at this location:
This is a sandy-bottomed bay with lots of posidonia and small fish. It is generally classed as a 'rummage dive' and you can always find interesting hermit crabs, gobies and even
cuttlefish. The bay (from which the water pipeline runs over to Comino from Gozo) is not exactly awe-inspiring, but is loved by trainees, who often get their first feel for
Mediterranean diving here. It is also popular as a night dive and can be one of the only sheltered sites when the wind is blowing from the northwest.

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