phpDivingLog is a set of PHP programs which are used to display the scuba diving logbook data from Diving Log 4.0 online. For an example, please see or click on Duiken

First, you purchase Diving Log 4.0 and use it to create and maintain your diving logbook.

Second, you install and configure phpDivingLog on your web server.

Third, the Diving Log 4.0 data is exported using that program’s own MySQL Dump option. A few minor changes are made to the MySQL dump file using a text editor, and the data is imported into a MySQL database on your web server.

The phpDivingLog PHP programs then enable your online users to look at your Diving Log 4.0 logbook via any web browser.

Latest version 2.1.2:

* W3C HTML 4.01 strict fixes
* PEAR Pager upgrade to 2.4.6
* Drawpiechart to use new jpgraph if PHP > 5.1
* Added jpgraph2 for php5
* Change SAC calculation to use Divetime from logbook
* German language fixes by Sven
* Added the option the use query strings for hosts that don’t support mod_rewrite
* Several UTF-8 fixes
* Jpgraph upgrade to 1.22