phpDivingLog v2.1 - 2008-03-28 - Rob Lensen
    * Added the option the use query strings for hosts that don't support mod_rewrite
    * Changed SAC calculation to read the divetime from the Divelog table
    * Several UTF-8 fixes
    * Jpgraph upgrade to 1.22
    * Pear pager upgrade

phpDivingLog v2.0 - 2007-12-03 - Rob Lensen
    * Changed phpdivinglog to use smarty templates
    * Added multiuser option, so one install can handle more divers
    * Make phpDivinglog object oriented
    * All code can viewed via PHPdoc
    * New pie chart on dive depths overview
    * Option to choose between a grid view or old fashioned table layout
    * New pager for table layout
    * Upgrade of jpgraph and lightbox
    * Language fixes for different languages
    * New url layout more easy for page indexing and linking
    * Lots of other things, see for all changes

phpDivingLog v1.9 - 2007-06-25  - Lloyd Borrett (
    * Added in support for a configurable table prefix.
    * Added dive max depth table in Dive Statistics.
    * Added drift, deep, cave, wreck and photo dive details in Dive Statistics.
    * Added saltwater, freshwater and brackish dive details in Dive Statistics.
    * Added repetitive and deco dive details in Dive Statistics.
    * Added percentage values to shore, boat and night dives in Dive Statistics.
    * Fixed display of Total Bottom Time in Dive Statistics.
    * Fixed display of Rep Dive and Deco in Dive Log.

2006-08-25 - Lloyd Borrett (

Changes v1.8 - 2006-08-25 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Changes to the dive profile graph:
	* Added average depth to the dive profile chart. 
	* Added descent and work warnings to the dive profile chart. 
	* Better support for metric and imperial units in the dive profile chart. 
	* Provided a default dive profile chart option that displays 
          well when there is no background image. 
	Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about 
	installation and usage.

Changes v1.7 - 2006-08-21 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Changed to support length, pressure, weight, temperature and weight
	values being able to be displayed with imperial units of measurement.
	Added support for the certification scans in divestats.php.
	Added divesummary.php to allow the display of some summary details
	on a standard .htm page.
	Improved the handling of situations where there are no site, equipment etc. details.
	Improved the display of more null values.
	Cleaned up the HTML output.
	Language file compare tool added.
	Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about 
	installation and usage.

Changes v1.6 - 2006-08-04 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Sven Knoch released a minor update to Diving Log to fix a few bugs
	in the MySQL Dump export option - (
	phpDivingLog has been updated to make use of these fixes.
	phpDivingLog 1.6 WILL NOT WORK without the updated version of Diving Log.
	Dive entry time is now displayed.
	Dive site latitude and longitude values are now properly formatted.
	Added link to Google Maps for dive site if we have the latitude and longitude.
	Fixed bug in phpDivingLog to display correct dive site country.
	Fixed bug where a dive site might have no matching country or city.
	Added additional checking of argument values to prevent 
	potential security problem.
	Improved the display of some null values.
	Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about 
	installation and usage.

Changes v1.5 - 2006-07-26 - Lloyd Borrett (
	German language file added by Sven Knoch - (
	Improved support for other languages.
	JpGraph config file includes/jpgraph/src/ changed
	to have the values for a Linux system as the default. The files and are examples of 
	this file that worked on those platforms.
	Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about 
	installation and usage.
	Changed divestats.php to include a link to the phpDivingLog page at
	Cleaned up some code.

Changes v1.4 - 2006-07-13 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Danish language file added by Henrik Absalon - (
	Added support for equipment listing, details and equipment photos.
	Added support for location map images.
	Added in a partial workaround for coordinate format problems.
	Fixed links to dives at a given location.
	Now showing no dive entry time instead of the bad value
	that is passed by MySQL Dump.
	Cleaned up some code.

Changes v1.3 - 2006-07-12 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Added support for dive pictures.
	Added links to the other sections on each page.
	Dive profile now shows depth scales for metres and feet.
	Added link titles to links that didn't have them.
	Moved CSS values into a CSS file.
	Moved configuration values into a config file.
	Moved language values into a languages file.
	Cleaned up some code .

Changes v1.2 - 2006-07-09 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Added Diving Certifications.
	Separated statistics into divestats.php.
	Show program revisions on the statistics page.
	Added Dive Sites as divesite.php.

Changes v1.1 - 2006-07-07 - Lloyd Borrett (
	Support for Diving Log 4.0.
	Conversion to English.
	Added in navigation links and extra details.

Original version 1.0 created by Olaf van Zandwijk (

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